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Ivar Refsdal12:06:58

I'm pleased to announce, an unobtrusive reverse proxy that does fault injection at the HTTP layer. It can be used to test the resiliency of your services. mikkmokk can: • Insert faults (before or after) accessing the destination. • Add delays (before or after) accessing the destination. • Make duplicate requests. It can be instructed when and if to inject faults by: • Statically using environment variables. • One-off errors using the admin API. The admin API also supports setting new defaults. • The client using http headers per request.

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)08:06:14

I typically use that works at the TCP level. Great to add another tool to my toolbox!

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Ivar Refsdal15:06:10

Thanks 🧡 ! I've linked toxiproxy and some other tools under I don't have much experience with toxiproxy nor the other tools yet though.

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Ivar Refsdal15:06:16

PS I did read your from 2017 when researching this. Great post, thanks!

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)15:06:29

My pleasure! I saw the list of related tools eventually :-) Thank you for it, I have to check those out too.


Triplicate release of git-revisions (formerly lein-git-revisions): > Generate software revision strings based on Git and system context data. git-revisions is a DSL driven tool for generating version strings based on available metadata such as git tags, commit SHAs and counts, environment variables and current date and time paired with possibility to automate the whole next version resolving logic - in fact all the related project repositories are self-recursive, as a developer I do not set the version strings manually at all. The logic is now split and there are three possible ways to use the tool: • 1.2.0 is the reworked core only • 1.1.0 provides the tool as Leiningen plugin • and finally the motivator for this split, 0.1.0 which provides the tool as friendly version

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new version available (improves ex-data in coax/coerce!)

mpenet14:06:36 also went through a number of bugfixes/additions this week (template init, prep-tasks etc).


Dart->Clojure translator (allow file translation). Thanks to @borkdude for help 🙌 Now it's only m1 and aarch64, but there is a docker file and a script to build it locally ( P.S. also allowed file translation like: ./dartclj -p path/to/main.dart

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@U2N9GDB1U @UKFSJSM38 what's needed to get it to work with emacs? (I am not a Emacs user)


Cool with a native build! Maybe we should publish an npm module as well? (I say ”we” because I could do some of that work, if you like.)


@UL05W6AEM I think we can create a emacs package that calls the native binary :) I did something similar to #jet but it was so sinole that it didn't need a package, only a simple emacs function, even so a package sounds nice

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@U0ETXRFEW, would be great if you help 🙂 @UKFSJSM38, before you were asking if it would be possible to translate files. I can now write a function to support it, but I don't know if it is really neded


Yeah, supporting both a file/files and a text string sounds useful for the plugin, simar to #jet cli


Ok, I will support it in the next release


Added file translation support, update header


Having some progress with the npm build.

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Thank you! I will check it tomorrow


A new version of #jet: a command line tool to convert between JSON, EDN and Transit! v0.2.18 (the 18th release!) It now colorizes output automatically when you are connected to a terminal. And it also supports specter now:

$ echo '{:a {:a 1}}' | ./jet -t '(s/transform [s/MAP-VALS s/MAP-VALS] inc)'
{:a {:a 2}}
And also, there's an ARM (M1 compatible) binary now when you install it via brew! And lastly, there are --thread-first / -t and --thread-last / -T options to offer a shorter notation than --func / -f Enjoy! jet Channel: #jet

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Thanks to @U0A74MRCJ who explained to me how I could call the isatty C function from Graal to detect a connected terminal

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Awesome. That sounds like it would be useful in babashka too.


@U0510902N "it" = checking if stdout is connected to tty?


Yeah, to be able to tell if a bb script is in a pipe or run on it's own.


right. we could expose this stuff in bb. feel free to make an issue


There is also (System/console) btw


That will return nil in a pipe


But it will also return nil when stdin is connected to a pipe. This is why it wasn't sufficient for jet


#jet is now available for deps.edn too: I was able to support both -M and -X/-T style invocations with minimal boilerplate thanks to #babashka-cli :-D

Alex Miller (Clojure team)20:06:54

Clojure CLI is now available: • Add clj -Ttools install-latest api function, examples: ◦ Install tool: clj -Ttools install-latest :lib io.github.clojure/tools.deps.graph :as graph ◦ Update tool: clj -Ttools install-latest :tool graph • Fix regression with clj -X:deps find-versions from • Output from clj -X:deps find-versions now provides :git/tag and :git/sha • Update to v0.2.6 • Use 0.14.1205 (there are also new releases of tools.deps.alpha, tools.gitlibs, and

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