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Will Sanders00:06:27

Hey Whats up yall Iā€™m Will, chilling in NYC

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Patrick Arace14:06:29

Hi all, I'm quite new to programming, went through a bootcamp for .NET and JS, but have learned a lot more from self-study and have fallen in love with homoiconic languages and am consuming as much Lisp/Forth/Smalltalk/BQN information as possible. Nice to be here šŸ™‚

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Abdelrahman Abdelrahman22:06:35

Hi all, I'm a full-stack dev who uses Python/JS and Typescript, from Egypt. I wanted to venture out and try and learn a lisp language this year. I started with Racket, but the language didn't click with me. I ended up with Clojure, and the more I learn it, the more impressed I am. Some might say Clojure is not a LISP, but honestly I don't care at this point, It's such a lovely language šŸ˜€

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lambda-prompt 2

You are doing fine on your lisp exploration. I am a long time Common Lisp developer and experienced Clojure developer. Clojure is certainly a Lisp.

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