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Andrei Galatyn17:06:05

Hei folks! I have an issue with the latest version of Cursive. After updating Cursive many of our tests are not working. I have discovered that the issue is somehow related to use (metrics.ring.instrument/instrument) in our middleware. With latest Cursive i can see strange errors in console, one of them:

`Error handling response - class java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Argument for @NotNull parameter 'name' of com/intellij/psi/search/FilenameIndex.getVirtualFilesByName must not be null
` Any ideas on this? Minimalistic project to reproduce:


Are you able to create a small repro case? That would make it much easier to look at this, I don't know how metrics.ring.instrument works.

Andrei Galatyn07:06:45

I will try to prepare minimalistic example.

Andrei Galatyn15:06:49

Hi @U0567Q30W! Sorry, it took some time to extract minimal details to reproduce the issue. But now it is here:

Andrei Galatyn21:06:03

Sorry if project name is a bit offensive 🙂 I do not really know where is the issue. Most probably either Cursive or IDEA.


No, no problem on the name 🙂. I'll try to look at this in a bit.

Andrei Galatyn14:06:31

@U0567Q30W Just updated IDEA to 2022.1.3, issue is still here. Let me know if you have any ideas what can be wrong.


@U03LPK2G932 My apologies for the long wait for this, but this fix is out in the new EAP.

Andrei Galatyn07:08:53

@U0567Q30W No problems at all! Thank you a lot for fixing the issue.