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Howdy all 👋 Is there any kind of exclude list if I don't want a certain kind of file to automatically connect to conjure? For example, currently if I open up a .lisp file, it connects to conjure and doesn't allow me to connect to the CL plugin I normally use, vlime. conjure is awesome, but for the tiny amount of CL code I write, I'm already set in my ways... having a way to tell conjure to ignore would be helpful. Didn't see anything in the code or docs (...didn't look super hard 😬 ) so thought I'd ask here. Takes 2 seconds to comment out conjure from my init file before opening up a lisp file if not, so not a big deal, just wanted to check. Thx!!

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Have you tried g:conjure#filetypes ?


@U01E4ELDYM9 Sure enough...

:h g:conjure#filetyes
            A list of filetypes Conjure should be associated with. Conjure
            will then look up which client module to use for this filetype
            using `g:conjure#filetype#[filetype]`, which should be a string
            that resolves to a Lua module that adheres to the
            |conjure-clients| interface.

            Conjure will only initialise for filetypes in this list. It also
            will not load if the file type is in this list but there isn't an
            equivalent `g:conjure#filetype#[filetype]` configuration value.
. Thank you!!

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how are you configuring NeoVim with aniseed as well?


if so, it may make sense to use update-in to remove the value instead of having to maintain the list yourself


I'm still oldschool vimscript for all my config... 😞 Haven't gotten around to making the switch yet. And I only use Conjure (thus far) for clojure and fennel so easy enough to set that in my init file and update it later as needed. Thx for the tip though!!! Big fan of your podcast!! 😍


Thanks for the kind words!