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Andreas Liljeqvist12:06:30

How do I handle a customer that might stop having an address? Like [:db/retract 123 :customer/address "oldaddress"]

Andreas Liljeqvist12:06:59

Is there some util-functions that will take an entity and produce the needed retractions?

Andreas Liljeqvist12:06:37

{:db/id 123 :customer/attribute :something} should in this case retract :customer/address

Andreas Liljeqvist13:06:24

Doing an SPA and having a hard time figuring out how to communicate changes back to the server


How do people do local development when using datomic cloud in production? If I understand the documentation correctly, there is a different client api dependency for on-prem and cloud, and the client api doesn't have an in-memory mode. Just wondering how I'm supposed to do unit testing or local development if on a plane or the network goes down.


well, partially anyway


{:server-type :ion
              :region "us-east-1"
              :system "stu-8"
              :query-group "stu-8"
              :endpoint ""
              :proxy-port 8182}


that will resolve to the local implementation when deployed into an ion, but will go through the socks proxy for local dev


so you do need a network connection, but there is a local dev story


that all said, we understand the value of local dev and plan to continue improving in that area


@alqvist That function will retract the entire entity. If you just want to retract a single attribute of the entity, you can do it exactly as you showed, issuing an explicit [:db/retract entityID :attrID Value] in a transaction


@stuarthalloway Interesting. My goal is an ion setup, so this does seem to help 🙂

Andreas Liljeqvist14:06:49

@marshall On the client I have a pull(nested map) for some entity. A few assocs and dissocs is applied to that map - How can use the original map and the new to get a list of transactions that will lead to the same state?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:06:55

I don’t think there is a thing for that but you could probably use something like to make data that you transform into a txn

Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:06:36

might be a nifty small library. maybe someone has already done this?


@alexmiller @andreas862 I've had my eye on this library for use cases such as this:

Andreas Liljeqvist08:06:32

Thanks for the link, will check it out


the readme in says one can get the peer from maven but no version of it shows in maven


is this a wrong readme?


the Datomic Free peer is in clojars The Datomic Pro peer is available by private maven repo, credentials supplied in your account @lockdown-


@marshall ok, looks like it wasn't resolving for me because the latest version is not available in clojars yet:


@lockdown- Ah - i’ll have a look. Thanks for catching that


@lockdown- if you need it in the interim, you can download it directly from and use the bin/maven-install script to install it locally


yeah thanks, that's what I did 👍


Is it possible to get a db value for a (basis-)t? Nevermind... (d/as-of db my-basis-t)


@rhansen I created to deal with this. works well for me. Sounds like it won’t be necessary in future though.