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So I'm trying to follow the setup for and I'm getting the following error Caused by: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: This ResultSet is closed and I followed the issue to the call in query_defs.clj and found :start (conman/connect! pool-spec) but I'm kinda stumped on where to go from there. Anyone run into this before?


Sounds like you're trying to realize a lazy sequence outside the scope of a connection?


That's what's confusing me though, I haven't modified any code.


Maybe the template has a bug :thinking_face:


Have you specified the environment variables correctly? There are a lot of moving parts in that template.


ah. that might be part of it. Thought they were specified in profiles.clj, I'll try the env vars


Looks like you can edit the generated ./profiles.clj file to set default values for them.


There are a lot of libraries in that template that I have no experience with so if you're having problems, I'd recommend pinging the author (who is not in this channel) @jarrodctaylor


ok cool. yeah I was looking through it, definitely a lot (got confused for a second by the sendinblue references since I hadn't heard of them before haha)


I tend to be wary of templates that dump a whole big ball of libraries on me, unless I'm already familiar with those libraries.


(I pretty much never use templates to start a new project, beyond the built-in app template)


That's fair. I'd used the compojure-api one before and it had worked nicely out of the box so when I saw the authed one I figured I'd give it a go and save myself the hassle of writing auth. I might just go back to the simple one.


@bwstearns The following gets an example project up with a successful test run for me. - lein new authenticated-compojure-api example-auth - cd example-auth - psql < script/init_database.sql - lein migratus migrate && lein with-profile test migratus migrate - lein test


@jarrodctaylor thanks for popping in. I just tried running that and it bombed out on the lein migratus migrate step.