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I've been playing with with-let and am seeing the warning The same with-let is being used more than once in the same reactive context. can't seem to find any information on what causes this


Ok, here is an another silly question --forgive me Clojurians-- What does “:>” stands for ?


I have see that keyword before an external library object called.


the whole doc is worth reading though if you are wanting to be sure to understand Reagent/JS interop

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Thank you @mikerod. You saved my day.

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Will reagent 0.8.1 (non npm-deps) be able to integrate with react es2016 modules generated from babel? Has anyone tried this


@jamesthibaudeau I’ve never actually seen that, but based on the code, I think that would be caused if a with-let component called itself recursively


The component isn't calling itself anywhere, it does have a type 3 component as a child, not sure if that would cause the warning. I thought it might be because I was using the component in a partial but that doesn't seem to be the case. It is functioning normally just don't like seeing warnings in the console


sometimes the answer is not to use higher-order-components and just use functions. some of the javascript solutions that use components can be eliminated by the fact that you can manipulate hiccup as data before it is ever turns into a component

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