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@tony.kay there is something flaky about fp/sc, and I don't know whats that... but I was trying to switch from a some root generation code using fp/ui to fp/sc, it works initially, but when I have many of those running quickly it seems to get out of tracks


ah, that may be the issue


@wilkerlucio try 2.5.9-SNAPSHOT


@tony.kay still not working properly =/


hm…it is identical to ui now @wilkerlucio


maybe try a careful clean?


I'm seeing some counterintuitive behaviour with a controlled text input and wondering if this is expected:

;; dom is: [fulcro.client.dom :as dom]

(defcard controlled-input
         (dom/input {:value "should never change"
                              :onChange #(println "on change")}))
When I type in the input the value gets updated. I see that the input is rendered as a "wrapped-input" which is setting local state. My expectation is that whatever I pass to :value should be rendered, what actually happens is the wrapped-input is setting local state and rendering that. I noticed that this happens as long as onChange is specified regardless of what it does (like in the example, not affecting state). Is that the expected behaviour?