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Hi guys. I’m so exited about datascript and rum, thank you @tonsky for the great work! The only thing I can’t figure out is how to make them work together? Is there a standartized way? I know that I can just inject reactive mixin inside the component, but I don’t want to rerender everything every time something changed in the database, I don’t even want to execute all the queries all the time. Any suggestions?


I found out that in practice entities work much better than queries. As of rerendering everything every time, you’ll have to roll out your own solution


Yeah, that’s what I thought. Thank you for answer @tonsky


Any thoughts on how such a solution might look?


I'm attempting it with a new inspired library where the parser only runs queries that matter. It'll hopefully incrementally update both queries and pulls when I'm done. I have taken on quite a lot of stuff, but it's getting closer to being usable. parser library - library -


I'm thinking a love child of and datascript. Yep @petterik, thanks for the reminder to check these out in more detail.


The lajter stuff is new. Was going to make it usable before I told you




lajter is your take on, with lajt ideas integrated?


lajter is my take on, yes. lajt is the parser.


will most likely rename lajter


got to go 👋

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Also, @denis_krivosheev since we're on the topic of frontend libraries that work with datascript: There was recently a new release of re-posh ( - if you want to try out datascript and re-frame. Or just posh ( - datascript and reagent