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Hi @arne-clojurians. Sorry you had that trouble. Would you mind taking a look at the latest snapshot (`1.6.0-alpha7-SNAPSHOT`)? There are a lot of changes there, including some updates to the usage of sente and cljs packaging, so you may find that works for you?


Hi! Congratulations on the new release. 🙂 Unfortunately I still have the same problems. I double-checked adblockers and other addons, but it's the same predure: Websocket connection can't be established, dropping down to ajax, 403s.


Hi @arne-clojurians. Thanks for reporting back. Just noticed that you have a git issue up for this. I'll respond there. Sorry for not seeing that earlier.


For the record, this has been resolved in issue now:


It does indeed seem that the issue was another library requiring a different version of sente.


Thanks again @arne-clojurians for reporting and following up on the issue with me!


@U05100J3V I actually feel kind of silly that I didn't try to produce a minimal example. Thanks for helping me debug this! And thanks for the beautiful library 🙂


No worries; Happens to the best of us. You're quite welcome, and thanks for the kind words!


BTW, Oz is now being built with shadow and deps.edn, so you will find that it's much easier to do things like start a repl with a specific oz version or git commit hash (`clj -sDeps {:deps {metasoarous/oz {:mvn/version "1.6.0-alpha7-SNAPSHOT"}}}`) or recompile with updated vega libs (via npm+Shadow).


Which branch is the code for 1.6.0-alpha7-SNAPSHOT on?


Realized I forgot to push the commits! But it's what is now master.


I thought I was somehow missing it haha. Thanks!

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I'm very close to having a release ready with lots of work from my Clojurists Together Funding (again, thanks to everyone for the support there), and am mostly now just doing cleanup, updating docs, and kicking the wheels to make sure that the deep refactoring to the compile/build/view system hasn't introduced any bugs.

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Feedback on how the above works for folks actually would be super helpful in getting there 🙂