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hello, I'm having an issue with protocols, I did define one and using it, but Cursive is complaining about the wrong signatura, but the signature is correct:


the code loads and runs fine, but I don't understand why Cursive is complaining about it, a bug?


I think the problem is that it’s not managing to parse the defrecord form. The arity warning means that Cursive thinks that form is an invocation. Is this public somewhere I could take a look at?


one strange thing, for the clojure.lang.IFn it did recognized correctly


maybe the problem is that I have the protocol and the record on the same file? (and that may be confusing Cursive, also its a cljc file)


when I type a ; on a line in cursive, the semicolon and the line content after that jumps over to the right. anyone know if there is a way to stop it doing that?


Yes, setting the comment alignment setting that @U06CM8C3V mentioned to 0 should work.


gottit thanks. for some reason it was on 80! no idea if I set that or not


In the preferences, under Editor > Code Style > Clojure, on the General tab, there’s an option for “Comment alignment column,” you might want to play with that.

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I’m having troubles with dependency autocomplete again. Seems to die periodically as we go from version to version. I’m on latest everything. Is this known broken? I’ve tried invalidating caches and restarting. Maven remote repos has maven central and clojars, as does the remote jar repos. When I try autocompelte in a deps file I just get nothing:


Yeah, sorry, the underlying API changes a lot here, it’s being actively worked on and they seem to break the invariants around it a lot. Someone else reported this the other day, I’ll try to look at it today.


I'm finding lately that when hovering over failed test assertions with large diffs, the IDE freezes for a while, depending on the size of the diff.


this is rather limiting as currently the only way to check an assertion diff is to hover (or view->error description) and click the link at the bottom of the tooltip


You can also click the icon in the gutter as long as there’s only a single test result per line, but yes, this is not ideal and I plan to fix it soon.


Oh yeah, forgot the gutter as I have it hidden


that's a lot better when clicked from there


I just don't like the gutter really as it takes up a lot of screen real estate


Yeah, it’s not ideal and I have plans for a much better solution but I’m struggling to get to it 🙂