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Working on adding the relative path resolving in the next update too, something I had in the JVM version. So if you do ,ef inside a docker container that shares a different root path like /opt/xyz/src... and your local source you're working on is /home/me/repos/xyz/src... then it'll resolve the file path to be relative to the common ancestor, xyz/.... This will also be used in "go to file" so you should be able to hop around even if the path CIDER is handing back is absolute in a different file system. This will apply across every language, not just Clojure, it'll be generic 😄


This technique will also be used in my experiment with Janet (and scheme languages I think) to auto require your current file as you enter it.


So develop has a bunch of small bug fixes as well as an entirely different config system right now. It's stable but testing before I release will be much appreciated 😄 I salute you, intrepid develop branch users.


Also need to make go to def fall through to nvim's built in text based search. These are things I've discovered working on projects at my new job where I don't have up to date nREPL / CIDER etc, so I'm finding and fixing edge cases 😄


Side rant: it's very annoying when a project includes cider. It's like, no, one developer needed it, not everyone. That's their choice, don't make it for everyone.


True, unless it’s on a specific profile and is to give all nREPL users a level playing field with a make repl command or something. I do that on my personal projects so others can start up the dev env and don’t have to rely on jack in. Although now I’ve found your wonderful vim-jack-in… maybe I’ll just start removing those opinions…


The projects here are years old and are merges of projects at runtime using a custom system, so nREPL is stuck at 0.2 or something and cider is basically not there + can’t be required due to dep conflicts. I’m working with someone at the moment to clean it all up and bump everything to latest though 😄


Oh god, abort on conflict is amongst the most annoying features.


I know I'm conflicting, I mean to, just leave me to it!


deps.edn is far more elegant here: you get the latest version and that's that!


Yeah, this project was pre deps.edn but needed lots of local in repo requires of modules (kinda mono-repo-esc but not quite), so the solution is solving a similar problem to what deps would provide. Maybe one day we’ll swap to it 🙂 For now I’m getting Clojure <1.8 flow through to runtime and I have no idea where it comes from so CIDER won’t load.


A problem for a timeboxed attack I think


You learn a lot from these things. Then you get grumpy like me.


Hah, I’ve been grumpy for a while, that’s why I went 100% Clojure in the first place 😄


You hide it well.


Hah, you should see me when I'm forced to touch JavaScript.


I like js, especially ES5, but now the class keyword and typescript took over everything almost. I just watched a talk by the creator of TS, Hejlsberg, and he said it's only for development time. So I feel completely justified for making the move 2 months ago to clojurescript from js


vindicated? i never know


Conjure has a mascot + logo 😄 🎉

🎉 36

The artist named her Lillian and it's as good as any.


nice! 👍 for cultural diversity

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and it looks great