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Chris McCormick08:06:28

Hey all, after 3.5 months of work and 249 commits, I present Slingcode: It's a web based IDE with live-reloading which you can use to make, run, and share web apps. I built it in Clojurescript (with shadow-cljs, reagent, and bootleg 🙏). I made it for my kids so that they have a nice simple environment in which they can learn web app development without complex command line tooling and hosting, but I hope it will be useful to non-kid amateurs and maybe even professionals too. I humbly offer this to the Clojure community. Thanks for everything you all do. I'm so grateful to be able to build things using the amazing tooling of this ecosystem. P.S. Clojurescript hosted apps coming soon I hope!

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This is excellent! I love the "offlineness" and light weight of it. Well done! 👏

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This is super cool! The dinosaur thing doesn't work in Safari, though,

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loadSounds: function () {
            if (!IS_IOS) {
                this.audioContext = new AudioContext();


AudioContext isn't available in Safari it seems, so I guess the (!IS_IOS) check needs to enhanced a bit...

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that is pretty cool! love the styling!


Very cool! What a lovely gift to the world.


how cool, congrats


This is so cool! Mega props. love the webtorrent integration.

Chris McCormick01:06:30

Thank you very much all, very humbling! If anyone cares to help the project out, a Product Hunt / Hacker News upvote would help give it a boost: