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Yup, just happened to have a moment of time to experiment :)

parrot 4

@viesti - Also, you can do all of that via kind of stuff via libpython-clj:


Actually and while we are talking about it javacpp has an extensive set of bindings to many different things (all done way early): I would much rather have JNA bindings than javacpp bindings but the javacpp bindings are there and are on maven in a format that allows them to just work with multiple operating systems. They precompile native deps and use the maven selectors to select the deps for your OS.


ah true, had not thought about looking for other native bindings


but yeah, lots of options 🙂


Lots of different options 🙂.

David Pham22:12:28

How stable do you think the API is on libpython-clj?


It is pretty stable. The basic import-module, call attribute pathway hasn't changed since I announced it and that is really the only true pathway. Everything else on top of that is sugar to some extent or another.