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Adrian Smith14:12:02

Is there a easy way to get defn and friends to be resolved when loading a project made by: ?

Adrian Smith15:12:20

I should say I don't have a deps.edn or project.clj which is what I think cursive uses to resolve those forms but not sure

Adrian Smith17:12:04

yeah this works with a reframe template that has project.clj already

Adrian Smith17:12:55

oh this looks concerning: will cursive be hosed if I upgrade?


if it doesn’t work for you, you can downgrade pretty easily


intelliJ keeps all the previous versions settings etc


you can even run the different versions side by side


just have to rename the apps


or put them somewhere else


You can also use the Toolbox App to manage multiple IntelliJ versions.


that’s a good idea

Adrian Smith17:12:49

the upgrade went well I lost a plugin called custom title in the end but found a replacement, after a lot of laptop fan spinning