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Tamizhvendan S14:12:15

@pez What is the new keybindings for the paredit copy/cut - backward/forward SExpr in the new version? I guess it is missing in the paredit’s visual guide as well


I have removed those. Instead use select backward/forward and then cut whatever is selected. (In a sense that makes the shortcut for cut backwards: shift+ctrl+alt+left cmd+x


(It got too many commands and shortcuts to maintain.)


This also allows you to select several sexpressions backward and then cut them.

Tamizhvendan S17:12:04

Thanks @pez. Yeah, it’d be more useful.. Now it’s time to unlearn!

calva 4

Calva v2.0.64 is out. Since the new Paredit was released yesterday, there are now some new commands: • Wrap around quotes • Pushing a form left and right • Rewrap (change the enclosing brackets) See the Calva Paredit Visual Guide for more details:

calva 4