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@cfleming i don't think the File Sync: Sync all modified files is async timing related, because it was not even attempting to reload the changed file 😕 im still not sure how to repro this in a minimal case though, but it happens most of the time, so i just use the File Sync: Load current file option instead and be more manual, more gradual, do cmd-shift-m/l to get into a consistent state between the file and the REPL again.


I’ve actually noticed a lot of the file sync stuff being buggy under 2023.1. I’m hoping it will work itself out during the EAP program. But this could be a problem in Cursive too, I’ll check to see what debug logging is available.

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)12:02:05

@cfleming have you any thoughts about adding support for Call Hierarchy? ( I see it has been hanging there since 2014 so I guess it won’t be fixed anytime soon / ever?


Yes, I do want to support this. I’m currently on a drive to fix a bunch of stuff that should have been fixed ages ago, and this is one I want to get to soon.

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Dustin Getz19:02:07

Is there a way to make this highlight properly and if so how? note it is almost for but not quite, so resolve-as fails here (unless I am missing a comparable form). It also needs to indent 2 spaces (like other macros that take & body); typically that is achieved with resolve-as defn, def, etc but those all highlight the kv wrong

Dustin Getz19:02:47

Ok, just discovered in the Cursive settings Editor -> Code Style -> Clojure -> General you can set "Default To Only Indent".


Curious, does setting that solve the resolve issue? Seems like it’d just deal with formatting?

Dustin Getz22:02:27

setting resolves the indentation only; the highlighting still is wrong


This can’t be fully fixed yet. What you can do is set it to Resolve as: None, which will disable the warnings in the body of that macro. It’s not ideal, but it helps.

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