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Jacob O'Bryant19:02:13

Just finished a sprint on Yakread (!), so starting another sprint on Biff today. (I mean, I generally do "power walks", not sprints, but you know). I'm gonna start out adding email code auth first (i.e. so instead of clicking a link in the email, you copy and paste a 6 digit code from the email, which can help to avoid some UX issues on mobile), since I need that in Yakread, then I'll do the digitalocean 1-click image thing.

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It looks & feels flawless! Nice job. I'm looking forward to seeing what lands in my inbox tomorrow morning 🙌

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Jacob O'Bryant19:02:22

(By the way, you're all welcome to post updates here about your own made-with-biff projects whenever you have anything you'd like to share)