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Yuhri Graziano Bernardes23:02:34

Hi everyone \o I'm trying to run some tests from my terminal, but I'm getting this error. Is there something missing?


When using the poly tool as an installed "tool" for the CLI, the arguments need to conform to that style of invocation -- which is different to the -M:poly usage and the installed poly executable.

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"tool" usage conforms to -T / -X style invocation so everything is key / value pairs.

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If you look a you'll see examples, such as clojure -Tpoly info loc true

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Yuhri Graziano Bernardes23:02:57

Make sense. I tried clojure -Tpoly test :dev true and it worked


clojure -Tpoly test dev true would also work (symbols are accepted as well as keywords)

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I tend to start the poly shell and work interactively from there, since then you get tab-completion on commands:


t<tab>d<tab> gives you test :dev so it's a lot less typing -- and you aren't waiting for the the poly command to spin up each time.

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