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rename doesn't work in clojurescript. Other features like cljr-slash do It would be helpful to know, does emacs literally freeze (as in, you can't do anything) or the operation simply is left there running indefinitely? It might take some 10m in a particularly large project


Thank you for your explanation. 1. So how others rename functions in cljs ? Emacs just freeze. It's my hobby project like 500 loc so size it;s no a problem.


I never heard of freezing, only of slowness. Sorry you experienced that. If you wish to generously contribute a report, you can M-x toggle-debug-on-quit and then C-g whenever the freeze happens. clojure-lsp has very nice cljs functionality.


thank you. I will try with lsp-mode. about bug report I don't see any errors it just freeze, but I don't see any increase of resource usage top


I can easy cancel it with C-g


maybe we can add info to readme that clj-refactor doesn't work with clojurescript because it's not so obvious

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I'm confused with cider-switch-to-repl-buffer in. eg. 1. I'm on cljs.user 2. switch to another namspace 3. just print value in atom : value 4. it automatically switching back to cljs.user ??? -> why? it's desired behavior?


Sounds like a possible issue with your middleware if anything… I don’t get this problem with shadow-cljs. Are you using figwheel-main?


I need to manualy write (in-ns namespace) to stay on that namespace