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Matthew Downey02:02:12

Just released v1.0.2 of which is compatible with Babashka >=1.1.171 (now rct's JVM and bb code is identical)[1]. Thanks for the heads up @borkdude! [1]

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A new version of reveal is out (Free: 1.3.280, Pro: 1.3.359)! It introduces highlighting of illegal booleans. If you wonder, what the hell is illegal boolean and why they are a problem, you can read the In short, it's a boolean that's neither Boolean/TRUE nor Boolean/FALSE , and it messes with Clojure's equality semantics implementation. Discuss here or in #CUDTFQ152

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I remember running into this problem when data was being sent over the wire through hazelcast. Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a false being evaluated as true!


Does (symbol "false") also distinguishable from the true false?


bb-dialog gets support for treeview in v0.3! #babashka

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