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Mateusz Mazurczak14:07:50

Hi! I'm new to cursive. What's the recommended intellij version to use? Because I'm using 2021.1.3 and I get a lot of incorrect warnings (f.e. defn cannot be resolved)

Mateusz Mazurczak14:07:42

Or what version do you use that does not have this problem?


I am on 2020.3.2. Got an example of where you are seeing that? Are you having IntelliJ do its indexing? There is a menu item Files/Invalidate caches and restart hack that might do something. When you created the project did you identify it as Leinengen or deps-managed?


@U0281QDFE1X There’s a checklist of things to try for that here: It’s not related to the version of IntelliJ.

Mateusz Mazurczak22:07:50

@U0PUGPSFR Well I'm seeing it in every file that is .cljs (in .clj it's fine) I use deps, although I had to open the project from pom.xml so I can connect shadow-cljs in repl. Yeah I've run Invalidate caches and restart already @U0567Q30W I also checked the troubleshooting, before writing here, but nothing seems to help or relate to my problem.

Mateusz Mazurczak22:07:07

And it shows me that "cannot be resolved" for many different functions in .cljs files, like defn let fn nil?

Mateusz Mazurczak22:07:24

But for example it has no problem with def


How did you create your project? By importing the deps.edn, or the pom.xml?

Mateusz Mazurczak22:07:42

By importing pom.xml. Okay it works! I've reinstalled the cursive, made sure that cljs alias is checked in, and it's not highlighting it anymore! Thanks for the help

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