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Hi. I am using Emacs on Mac for some time now, and never had any big issues. From the beginning on I had my CMD key mapped as Meta key, so I could use the ALT key to type my parens (I hope that makes sense so far). This still works on the Keyboard of my Macbook itself. I am using the Emacs build for Mac with Doom on top. Evil mode is disabled. Last week I bought myself a new keyboard, and while everything still works on the Mac onboard keyboard, the ALT key behaves differently on the external keyboard (a Keychron K4, if it helps). I can type all types of parens and brackets in my usual texteditors or slack ([]{}, as proof), but Emacs now interprets the ALT key as C-u. I am a little lost where to search and what to configure, does anybody have any pointers for me?


I think I got it. The keyboard does not have a right option key, just a left option key. I used karabiner to map the left option key to the right option key and now everything works as expected

partywombat 6

I think there’s a mac/windows switch on the keychrons - is it in the right position?


It was, but thanks for the suggestion, that’s also a good thing to check. I changed the keymapping a little bit more now, the right Cmd now works as opt-right, and now everything works as it does on the Macbook.


For the record I was going to say to use karabiner and that it was probably a left vs right alt issue 😄


And you would have been right 😁 Now some new issues cause by Karabiner, but that’s a different topic 😉