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OK, peeps. Both #helix and Krell example native apps out of the box flop on sth like: The following build commands failed: PhaseScriptExecution [CP-User]\ Generate\ Specs /Users/kennethtilton/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/AwesomeKrell-fwcmwokbbmzhkjapnytdchrvvvdo/Build/Intermediates.noindex/ (1 failure) Helix needed more than just this, and I know nothing about how this works, but in the end a pod install while in the ios directory was needed to pick up some FB garbage: $ pod install Auto-linking React Native modules for target AwesomeKrell: RNDeviceInfo and react-native-tcp-socket Analyzing dependencies Downloading dependencies Installing FBReactNativeSpec 0.64.2 <------------------- bingo Generating Pods project Integrating client project Pod installation complete! There are 51 dependencies from the Podfile and 42 total pods installed.


It seems to me like you set up your project, but didn’t install the required Cocoapods. But once you ran pod install they were installed and you were good to go. Cocoapods are a way to share native iOS dependencies that are required by your app @U0PUGPSFR


"you set up your project". Nope. I am at the dummies stage, I clone them and follow the instructions. btw, I just noticed the "nav" version of the Helix project cited does include the pod install instruction! btw, given the build steps required these days, I am curious as to why they do not kick off a pod install automatically. Too invasive? And how is it that the react-native run-ios process did not identify that a pod was missing and just say so? Whining aside, it is great having these starter projects, I just have to choose between Helix and Krell now. Nice problem!