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@alex395 I hate to tell you, but you can forget about “click and deploy to the iOS store” 🙂 It’s a process. Nothing you can’t learn, but assume it will take a month, or two. Expo is “supposed” to solve that problem for you, but I haven’t used the full managed version (I do use their libraries though in the so-called bare workflow, they are 9/10 very good).


> @alex395 I hate to tell you, but you can forget about “click and deploy to the iOS store” 🙂 It’s a process. Nothing you can’t learn, but assume it will take a month, or two. The answer is fastlane which abstracts and automates all of this for you


I have heard good things about fastlane from a friend; Do you like it as well?


Basically, if you're doing any sort of release automation, you use this. tl;dr it’s great


Haha yes I have heard many stories about how slow the process is, that fastlane tool looks pretty handy though, thanks @dotemacs!

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Actually one of the reasons for me playing with this stuff is to write an updated version of this, as it's pretty out of date now. I do feel pretty under qualified for such a task but will probably approach it from the ‘total beginner tries to write a cljs rn app in 2 weeks’ angle. It would be good to answer some of the most common questions beginners ask in this channel, I'll have a look through myself but if anyone has some ideas/advice let me know


Last few messages could be a lifesaver for this noob. Some folks I know just survived iOS deployment internally -- not the whole shebang -- and that was brutal. Curious to see if your blog walkthru still works, @alex395. Almost nothing does, but that is prolly my noobiness shining thru.


Oh yeah that blog was written 4.5 years ago, probably nothing worked 6 months after it was written because of how fast mobile stuff changes… my goal is to write a new one that does work (at least for the next few months 😅)


Well I beat Helix native into submission so I am good for…a few months. 🙂 Speaking of which, the best “blog” might be a repo that gets maintained. The Helix native repo was great but neglected, and as you suggest, a few months…the funny thing is it did its best by locking down the RN version, but there was a new FB pod that still became a dependency.


btw, @alex395, do you think using Expo still come out the same slam dunk it was 4.5 mobile eons ago? Our app has no need to go crazy with the device hardware itself. 🤞


I am not yet qualified to give an opinion on that, you can see my in progress blog article here if you are interested


But tbh mobile apps in general are just super complicated, I think you either go for the krell option if you like to understand how the tools you are using actually work, but you do need to put in some extra work, or you use expo and just hope you don't hit too many hurdles along the way 🤷 again this opinion will probably change over the next week or two as I do more research and even after 2 weeks I still probably won't be able to say anything confidently


But I will stick with expo for now and see how it goes, for now its been good, a lot better than before


I’m also just getting started on a cljsrn app (using Krell). Considering fastlane for deployment. Would love to read up on how best to approach this.


Whatever build tool you use, the documentation for fastlane is applicable and relevant. You’ll use the steps that your build tool requires you to transpile cljsrn into a JavaScript bundle. From that point on, just follow fastlane’s documentation and you’re good.

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