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Lennart Buit11:05:58

Heya, we are trying to use code with me with IntelliJ and Cursive, but at some point editing just completely stops working for both the host and the guest. Does that ring a bell with anyone?


I haven’t used Code With Me, but as far as I understand, I can’t really interact with it much as a plugin developer. I think the best thing would be to file a YouTrack issue at and tag me (username lemming).

Lennart Buit23:05:08

Yeah we were wondering whether parinfer was messing with it. Kinda was hoping it rang a bell with anyone


That’s entirely possible, yeah. So are you just using it for the editors? There’s an open YouTrack issue about the REPL:

Lennart Buit21:05:01

Yeah we were just sharing editors. REPL would obviously be cool, but the editor already starts breaking if you multiplayer too hard