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I posted this over in #dirac, but it seems to be tumbleweed over there 😉. Does anyone here have any light to shed? I’ve been using Dirac very happily in an application built with Figwheel for months. I’ve just switched from re-frisk to re-frisk-remote, and suddenly Dirac is giving me errors: >  Dirac requires runtime support from your app. > Please into your app and > ReferenceError: dirac is not defined >     at <anonymous>11 If I switch back to re-frisk instead of re-frisk-remote, then Dirac is happy again. Is there a known incompatibility between Dirac and re-frisk-remote? Any suggestions for how I can proceed? Thanks!


I think I had that and added

(defonce dirac
I’m not sure this helps.


Thanks for taking the time to respond. As it happens, I tracked the problem down to an embarrassingly silly mistake on my part (blush).


Haha, no problem. I’m glad you fixed it.