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Hi, I have a question. I’m doing some basic exploration/learning of clara and rules engines and I’m making a small app that tells you what to wear, depending on the weather. For example, I have rules like these:

(defrule precipitation-more-than-20%-chance
  "keep your head dry"
  [Weather (>= precipitation 20)]
  (insert! (->Hat :bucket-hat)))

(defrule above-70-wear-a-sun-hat
  "If it's warm, the sun might be in your eyes"
  [Weather (>= temperature 70)]
  (insert! (->Hat :straw-hat)))
I want hats to be determined by temperature, but allow for a waterproof hat to override any temperature-determined hat, if it’s going to rain. The only way I can do this right now is if my rules are ordered like they are above, with the precipitation rule first and the temperature rule second, but I know for the engine to be robust, the rules should be able to occur in any order. How would I get the waterproof hat to supersede all other hats? Is there there a better way to handle insert! ? I don’t want the rules to be order-dependent like they are right now.

Mario C.21:05:09

Perhaps instead of having the precipitation-rule insert a hat fact. Have it insert a "it-will-rain" fact. And then have the hat rules test against that fact


ah interesting. I’ll look into that.

Mario C.21:05:05

There are different ways to achieve it, not sure what the "best" way is

Mario C.21:05:28

You can keep it that flow and have another rule that decides what hat to wear and pulls in all the hat facts


logically, you want to make decisions based on the properties of hats, rather than just being categorized as a "hat" (what is a hat, really?). some hats provide shade, some don't. some hat's provide rain resistance, some don't. etc.

Mario C.21:05:17

A temperature of 70 could still be a cloudy and rainy day

Mario C.21:05:01

That could have just been a simplified example but just something to keep in mind lol

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and there's a difference between finding the "optimal" outfit based on the weather and finding all "acceptable" outfits.