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I forgot to try "restart VS code":face_palm:. Everything is back to normal now.

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Glad you got it working!


I don’t remember if we allow an object for the connectCode in the custom sequences. It could be that it only is the built-in ones that can…


Yes, I tried to copy-paste the default one and start changing it from there, but it was saying that only string is allowed.


But at the end of the day, the problem was with VS Code and default shadow-cljs sequence works just fine


Thanks again for the awesome product 🙂


You are welcome, sir!


I’ll be presenting Calva in ten. Here:


Great talk yesterday. I was on mute the whole time because of the child running around, but tons of insights 🙂 I want to build some visual composer that will generate hiccup for cljs/react components one day and definitely looking forward to doing that as VS Code extension and make it play nice with calva, so it is instantly refreshing browser and has all the awesome features available.


Sounds cool! We'll be happy to assist in any way we can.


New Calva version just released, v2.0.195: • Update cider-nrepl to Thanks @ryanjerue!

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Is this possible to display documentation/tooltip for current-sexp function?


Currently, when I need to find functions argument, I hit cmd+k cmd+i on that function name. But when I start typing (some-function first-argument …) in order to check what second argument should, I need to get back with cursor over some-function. Is there a way to constantly display that tooltip for first item in list?


Not sure if you can do that, but maybe peek can help you? If you put cursor on function and hit Alt+F12 (not sure what it is on Mac) You will get a peek window of the function that stays up as you type. e.g. ?


You can Trigger Parameter Hints (`cmd/ctrl+shift+space`). Calva has a setting for showing the doc string in that hover as well.

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Oh jeeezz. That’s what I needed 🙂


Welcome, sir. I worked quite a lot with those hints, so super happy that you find them useful. I’m still a bit grumpy that I didn’t succeed in making it descend into destructurings, but maybe I would approach that smarter today, if I gave it another shot.


I am trying to get Calva working with shadow-cljs I have 2.0.195 installed. The bottom of my screen says nrepl:≥ connected then beside it, to the left it says nrepl disconnected with a lightning bolt. I do not have shadow running. When I click on the disconnected nrepl it opens up a menu and I can choose start your project with a repl server, connect to an existing nrepl or else fire up the “getting started” repl — The start a repl and connect choices do not do anything. The “getting started” starts a getting started repl. When I start shadow-cljs and start the watch and tryy to connect to running server in project it doesn’t do anything and when I select not in project I get choices and when I select deps.edn+shadow-cljs it does nothing — I am running a Mac Big Sur 11.2


Sounds like you have the Clojure extension installed, @tbrooke . Uninstall it and see if that gets less confusing.


You need to select Jack-in option and then select shadow-cljs. Do you have those available?