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all the ideas i've had about making updates to docs more space-efficient seem to require changing the way docs are keyed, from a hash of the entire doc to just the id+valid time. is such a change within the realm of possibility?


I can imagine various schemes like that could work without undermining the Crux design too much, but it would likely be a fairly dramatic (breaking) change. The current ID model is already space efficient if an entity is flipping repeatedly between the same small number of versions, since each version is only stored once.


Based on the current roadmap and R&D efforts I can tell you that we are likely to be shaking up this doc-store protocol a fair bit over the next 6-9 months, so I don't recommend investing too much energy thinking in this space at the moment - maybe we should sync up again? Also thanks for the comment on the Lucene async issue, that is helpful 🙂


sure! I have been doing some more thinking :)

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