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@mauricio.szabo how you doing? As I use many repls at the same time, do you think can I write custom REPL control that will switch automatic between them?


the idea is get connection I did with ip and port, store in some place and to switch, disconnect chlorine and connect to another one


Hi, @fabrao. Well, not really, and this probably will never be really supported on Chlorine/Clover. Most of the code assumes that you have a single REPL connected (well, in truth, two REPLs - one for evaluation, and one for "tooling results" like autocomplete). It's already quite complicated the "REPL dance" when you have Shadow-CLJS connected (because now we have three REPLs: a Clojure, to eval code, a Clojure, to REPL commands, and a ClojureScript that works for tooling too), so to be quite honest, I don't even want to think about adding a multi-repl support 😄


@mauricio.szabo you said me once that with Chlorine you can´t connect direct to the REPL. How do you use that pop-up to fill host and port and connect to REPL and why I can´t fill informations and call a function to connect?


I'm not really sure what you mean. I remember I was going to add a way to connect with Atom's, but in the end I prioritized other things...