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Hey @cfleming, sorry for being a nuisance, I kinda feel that the way was fixed doesn't work for me. Previously when I was inside a longer string I could move forward/back to get out of it, but now that's gone 馃槥 I tried move forward out of sexp but that put me outside the sexp that contained the string. Any chance I could either get the old behaviour back or add more structural support for strings?


Commented on the gh issue

Kari Marttila15:02:34

I'm not sure if this IntelliJ 2020.3.2 or Cursive 1.10.1-eap2-2020.3 issue. But quite often now it has happened that I have suddenly lost all my project settings (e.g. File -> Project Structure -> Modules: source directories, test directories, excluded directories, and selected deps.edn aliases, in run configuration the project cannot be found etc). I'm considering to go back to the previous IDEA/Cursive configuration. Update: I deleted /.config/Jetbrains and /.cache/Jetbrains and installed a fresh IntellJ 2020.3.2. Let's see if things will be stable now.

Daniel Wellman17:02:16

I just purchased a license of Cursive, thanks for the great product. I love the editor/REPL integration and being able to use the debugger is great. I鈥檓 looking forward to learning more ways to be productive!

cursive 9

Thanks for the kind words, I鈥檓 glad it鈥檚 helping!

Jeff Evans22:02:15

can the work that is done to recognize project-specific macros outlined here, be shared to the rest of the team, by some exportable/source controlled file? I didn鈥檛 see anything obvious being updated within the project structure or .idea dir when doing so

Jeff Evans23:02:59

Edit: found it under Languages & Frameworks/Clojure/Symbol Resolution