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Vincent Cantin13:02:25

Cursive has trouble understanding this form: '^{a b} [c d] which is the quoted version of ^{a b} [c d]

Vincent Cantin13:02:22

'^{a b} [c d]
;; => [c d]

(meta '^{a b} [c d])
;; => {a b}

Vincent Cantin13:02:21

'^{a b} [c d] is equivalent to ^{'a 'b} '[c d]


RFC: those who were bothered by structural movement not working word-by-word in strings and comments, I’m interested in feedback on whether the fix in the latest build works well, see here:


Believe me or not, that was the exact same comic I was thinking about when I worded my original message here on Slack 😄


Another thing that stopped working in the latest build is that kill stopped working on multi-line strings. The workaround is to to join the lines, then kill.


@U0KD0N5T5 Thanks, I’ll fix that - that’s very strange.

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