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One small issue I’ve been having with cider is that it seems to take a long time to display the *cider-error* buffer after an exception is raised… any ideas about what might be causing it?


oh just seen this is mentioned above


I appear to have the same symptom, but not this issue. It was closed ages ago, and it looks like the cider stuff is now asynchronous to that, which means running the profiler as suggested doesn’t instrument it.


I had similar issues and it was also annoying to see get the popup so I disabled it and I only open it manually when needed


I can’t get cider-connect-clj to connect to nrepl.server/start-server. Details are in this SO question. Anything that I’m missing?


Is there a function that takes a string, inserts the string in the repl and evals it? I only found cider-interactive-eval which does the latter part so far


cider-insert-in-repl is a Lisp closure in ‘cider-mode.el’.

(cider-insert-in-repl FORM EVAL)

Insert FORM in the REPL buffer and switch to it.
If EVAL is non-nil the form will also be evaluated.  Use
‘cider-invert-insert-eval-p’ to invert this behavior.


not sure if its in this function but there's a switch to repl option that i always disable as well