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Hello #polylith 👋 Phenomenal job so far, Polylith really does strike a chord with me. At the start of a large cloud-based project some years ago, I instigated a DDD / hexagonal architecture. My first impressions of Polylith is that it promotes the composition of domain objects (in DDD terms) and avoids premature partitioning of the system to deployable units. At the start of a enterprise scale project with many unknowns, having the flexibility to grow the system without the burden of internal adapters and REST APIs would have had huge benefit.


Hi Steffan and thanks for the kind words! Yes, the Lego-like way of creating software in Polylith and the separation of development from production maximises changeability and productivity which also means reduced complexity when working with software. You can read more about my ideas around complexity

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Have the team considered adding a link for the Polylith tool to ? It's an active site, I have had success adding a few links recently. If you do, might I suggest using a new category "Application Architecture", the closest existing category "Application Frameworks" doesn't seem like a good description.

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If you want, I'd be happy to make the pull request to implement the issue you have raised. I note there are some other raised issues which have stalled in the repo.


That would be really nice of you!