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Is there any way to disable the prompt to convert pasted HTML into Hiccup?


There isn’t, but I’ll add one.

AJ Snow23:08:20

I'm getting a "cannot be resolved" for all function names in Intellij. I saw that there was a recent conversation about this. Would that be the one to refer to or is there a more general troubleshooting suggestion to try first? I suspect the namespaces aren't being imported correctly, but I'm not really sure.


There are a few things to check here. This is usually that the project hasn’t synced correctly. Are you using deps/lein to manage your project? If so, check the relevant toolwindow and make sure that your project is correctly registered there. If it’s not, then in the project view, right click on the project.clj/deps.edn and select add as lein/deps project.


If it is, then check that your module has dependencies - go to File -&gt; Project Structure -&gt; &lt;your module&gt; -&gt; Dependencies and make sure that looks roughly like you expect.


If you’re getting it for all symbols and not just your Java interop then it’s probably not your SDK.


Failing all that, you can also try File -&gt; Invalidate Indexes and Restart, since sometimes the indexes can get funky.