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I took a stab at rewriting, but I ran into trouble trying to only eval code when conjure was connected to a session I ended up using a timer loop and checking the nrepl client state for a session key, but that feels dirty? Anyone know of some better solution I'm overlooking? here's the lua code I've got so far:


I actually had a Todo item for this so this is awesome, I'll take a look when I'm back from my holiday and back in code mode


Thanks for taking a look!


So I was using this in a project that had a var defined as just |, which caused the plugin to crash and all syntax highlighting to break I first figured out how to try / catch and restore the syntax, and then where/how to escape that character I figured I would inform you in case you try to do anything with this, but also to check if you know any better way around this problem


Whaaaaat that's amazing


You mean crash vim-clojure-highlight or conjure?


Ah, highlight


Thanks for the tip!


Oooo this looks cool! Again, will have a look when I'm back from my holiday ☺️