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How come home-routes and service-routes are defined as functions rather than values? In src/clj/my-app/handler.clj (mount/defstate app-routes :start (ring/ring-handler (ring/router [*(home-routes) ;* <-- Function call *(service-routes)*]) ; <-- Function call ...)) In src/clj/my-app/routes/services.clj (*defn* service-routes [] ...) Initially I thought it was necessary for the wrap-reload ring middleware to work. But I tried changing the above to In src/clj/my-app/handler.clj (mount/defstate app-routes :start (ring/ring-handler (ring/router [(home-routes) *service-routes*]) ; <-- Now just a value ...)) In src/clj/my-app/routes/services.clj (*def* service-routes ...) and wrap-reload still works, i.e. if you change something in service-routes, save the services.clj file, and reload the page then the swagger-ui page gets updated.