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Hi folks. I'm having some trouble deploying to clojars, a template that I was able to deploy earlier. I am using slipset's deps-deploy (which I used successfully earlier). I've set my CLOJARS_USERNAME and CLOJARS_PASSWORD env variables. I have two different deploy tokens (tried both). I get a 401 error indicating it may be some kind of authentication issue. Here is the transcript


Dorabs-iMac:dorab-lib-template dorab$ clj -A:deploy
Deploying dorab-lib-template/clj-template-0.1.3 to clojars as dorab-deploy
Execution error (TransferFailedException) at org.apache.maven.wagon.shared.http.AbstractHttpClientWagon/put (
Failed to transfer file  with status code 401


Any ideas?


From looking in the logs, this is a real authentication failure. It looks like you are providing a username that does not exist. You have to supply the username that the deploy token belongs to.


Ah. Thanks. I thought I had to use the name of the deploy token as the CLOJARS_USERNAME. I used my own user name and it works. Thanks.


Sorry for the confusion. Glad it's working now!