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I'm trying to use pathom viz but I keep getting

WARN [taoensso.sente:1287] - Chsk is closed: will try reconnect attempt (14) in 1000 ms
Waiting for channel to be ready 1000
Waiting for channel to be ready 1000


• I followed the readme and added the connector, even tried to use a parser like in the readme instead of a parallel parser


• electron app is opened, I tried the app image and I tried a version built from the repo


• I build with shadow on node target and had the following errors after adding the connector plugin: The required namespace "com.wsscode.async.processing" is not available, it was required by "com/wsscode/pathom/viz/ws_connector/impl/sente_cljs.cljs".Insufficient com.taoensso/encore version, you may have a dependency conflict: see for solutions.`


which I fixed with these imports:

[com.wsscode/pathom-viz-connector "1.0.3"]
                [com.taoensso/encore "2.122.0"]
                [com.wsscode/async "1.0.11"]


There seem to be an error in the readme with the cond-> it's suppose to be cond->>


I pathom viz logs all I have is

INFO [com.wsscode.node-ws-server:134] - Websocket Server Listening on port 8240
INFO [com.wsscode.node-ws-server:73] - Starting express