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Hey there folks. Whenever I use Cursive with CLojurescript, a lot of the interop-functions are highlighted as not resolvable. .preventDefault or .indexOf for example. Any possibility to get them being resolved correctly, through type-hints or similar? Or at least an option to mute specific warnings, so the IDE doesn't look like a christmas tree. 🙂


Ugh, yes, this is a pain for a lot of people, sorry - I’m planning to fix this soon.

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Thanks, much appreciated.


Hi Colin 👋 have you ever looked at making use of the “scientific tools” intellij ships to show data from a python console? Seems like the data explorer and plot tab could be driven by the datafy protocols a-la rebl. Where “could” mostly means “I’d like that”, not dug into how possible this is at all 🙂


I think the short answer to this is “no” 🙂


I don’t use the Python stuff at all and none of that bit is open source, so even if it made it to the top of my to-do list (very unlikely) I would’t know where to start.

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