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I’m trying out cider-toggle-trace-var and cider-toggle-trace-ns. Is there any way to list the vars or namespaces that are being traced. It looks like some vars have the cider-traced-face applied and some don’t (in Emacs). Also, is there anyway to disable all tracing without tracking down each var/namespace individually?


Is it a good habit to check in .dir-locals files into source control? E.g. see That PR wants to add a .dir-locals to "teach" CIDER that it should include :test profile from deps.edn. What are other ways of doing this?


If it's just a common thing like a :test alias to add the test path, then it seems very low value. It's a general alias that can be added to the .clojure/deps.edn file and it can be used via C-u cider-jack-in as well as a .dir-locals.


Depends on the nature of the things in the .dir-locals.el - typically I check it in and include there stuff that are “standard” for the project. People can have a local .dir-locals2.el on top of this.


its tough. if someone has more things in their dir-locals its better for it to be gitignored so there's no fighting and unstaged differences all the time


at work we recently had to have personal ones so put a template in the readme and added it to gitignore


That's my feeling too. I don't want to dictate how people's editor config should look like.


Does cider have an option to include alias deps when jacking in? I myself start the REPL always from the command line, but I guess a lot of people just use cider-jack-in


yes. jack in with a prefix allows editing of the jack in command


the keybinding is C-c M-j so C-u C-c M-j or C-u m-x cider-jack-in


cool, thanks


If your project docs include guides on using with tools, you could include an example. There are lots of possible options for .dir-locals, e.g


Right, and that's a good reason not to include it in source control, because everyone wants to have a slightly different one


Reading the docs for Carve, the PR seems unrelated to the use of Carve. So I wouldn't even add this to the docs.


this is carve, not calva


Can't spell anymore... The docs on the repo of the PR doesn't seem to discuss running carve from a Clojure repl environment, just from a command line or CI service.


The PR is intented to make carve unit tests work with CIDER


It's long been a wish of mine that project vs user configuration was distinguished. Edge does the "wrong" thing here, but the user experience is far better because of it. Edge's dir locals sets a few more things though.


Vim doesn't really have any directory config, and the user space solutions are pretty flexible.


what is "edge" here?


Juxt Edge, a curated way to write Clojure projects


The new browser from Microsoft? Although I suspect that's not what he meant


yeah that's the only thing i can think of called edge. maybe is a vim plugin or something


never used it. i'll give it a shot next time


not clear to me though. is that a sample repo that you clone and then change or is it a template for clj-new/lein new


The edge docs are more useful. It's a repo you clone, and build your application in. The idea is that the "framework" can be modified very easily. So there's never a blocker to going to production. There's a small template which helps you create an application within the repo.