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Thanks for clarifying. Btw, I really find WSL2 useful on Windows. I do all my work stuff in it now. Fingers crossed, I hope it will work out long term.


it's good to hear that wsl2 is working for you! i've tried to get it to work within a vm (virtualbox) without any success so far and my searching of the virtualbox forums turns up only results of failure unfortunately. i don't suppose you've come across anything?


@sogaiu WSL2 is using Hyper-V which is using virtualization. This may not work inside a VM which is already virtualized.


I also had to enable the virtualization option in my BIOS


It depends on your virtualization program I think. Parallels does offer this option, but only with a PRO version or something


proprietary virtualization software is a no-go for me unfortunately. kind of defeats part of the purpose for me using it šŸ™‚


anyway, thanks for the info.


One other thing to note is that WSL2 doesn't play nicely with other virtualization programs on the same machine. E.g. you can't run VMWare and WSL2 at the same time I believe (currently)


yikes. thanks for mentioning that. i do have a machine i run windows 10 on sometimes so i guess if i use wsl2 there it might be that virtualbox won't work at the same time.


you can uninstall wsl2 and then it will work again


you just can't run them at the same time


may be i'll test it out.


so far it's been pretty smooth, apart from some minor issues. e.g. if you don't set a limit WSL2 can eat up all your system memory šŸ˜‰


Maybe I'll write a blog about it once I'm pretty sure WSL2 is the way forward for my personal setup


Note that this is just one specific machine I'm using for work, I'm also still using Mac. In fact, I'm constantly working on a laptop and connected via Remote desktop to the new machine.


just did some tests


so far it doesn't seem problematic to run virtualbox at the same time as wsl2.


ah, maybe it was vmware then


I also recommend the Windows Terminal app. You can configure it to start the Ubuntu bash by default.


didn't know about the config part, thanks for the tip :)


If you want to use WSL2 inside a virtualbox vm, I think thereā€™s an option to ā€œenable nested virtualizationā€ in the Settings for a virtualbox vm


You have to be using virtualbox 6 or greater, I think.


thanks for the tip -- i will give this a try


interestingly, the "Enable Nested VT-x/AMD-V" checkbox is greyed out. i suppose i can try the other option.


looks like the second option managed to get the checkbox ticked


got further along in the process (so much yak-shaving...) but now i'm getting "Error 0x80370102 The Virtual machine could not be started because a required feature is not installed." looks like some other folks have similar seeming issues:


this issue suggests tweaking the bios: -- but it's unclear what one might do for virtualbox. this vm apparently isn't using efi -- i don't know if that will help but it seems like it could end up being a fair bit of work to switch an existing system or reinstall.


Sorry, I try to avoid using Windows at all costs :) You might be able to get into the bios in virtual box by hitting a key during bootup, I vaguely recall an option like that in the boot sequence of a vim


i looked but only found f12 to change the boot device - i think it's not worth trying to get it working atm. perhaps somewhat later this year.


hello. does anyone have any examples of how they're using clojure.test in babashka?


@epransky There is a small section about this in the README:


ah great. thanks. i missed that