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Dave Simmons19:07:00

Hi All. This is hopefully a silly error I'm making but I'm trying to define a set of RESTful routes for an entity foo so I have "GET foo/new" to retrieve an empty form and "GET foo/:id" to retrieve a specific foo. Unfortunately this gives me a conflicting route path error when I define it in reitit. I'm sure I'm doing something daft but does someone have an example of a set of RESTful routes defined in reitit I could look at? cheers


"foo/new" matches the path "foo/:id" so when you try retrieve an empty form, reitit may legitimately return the specific foo with :id=new, hence the conflict.


You could possibly change your endpoints to "GET new/foo" and "GET foo/:id"

Dave Simmons20:07:36

thanks @U9KLJ8N0Z - makes sense - do you know a way around this or does reitit not really handle traditional REST routes? cheers


I am learning web dev from scratch in Clojure, so unfortunately I have no experience in other languages (so its all traditional to me 🙂). You can apparently ignore conflicts by adding:

:conflicting true
to the route data of both

Dave Simmons22:07:52

thanks @U9KLJ8N0Z I've done web dev in a number of languages and Clojure is my absolute favourite. cheers


I am still learning how content negotiation works, generally and in Clojure. I would like to use Muuntaja with Reitit to decode and encode to and from Element defrecords, is this possible? Or can one only decode and encode to and from regular Clojure maps?