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😔 testing is a tiring art 😅 Especially when clients are not happy with defaults and there are all these wonderful tools but requirements wander off into corner cases. Plain JUnit report output is sufficient for generating reports for Allure, which is really nice. However I have a requirement to be able to indicate steps and have attachments (request/response maps, screenshots etc.) for consumption by non-developers, which I just can't get out of the box with Clojure. I'm in a position where I have to revert to Java or roll my own test runner. So I was wondering if I by any chance missed any test runner having that capability?


@johanmynhardt The test failure reporting mechanism is a multimethod so you can override it to provide more functionality, but it is not well-documented.


I've been digging around and understand the basics. I'm still growing my knowledge. However I don't think what I'm trying to do is achievable with what is available. I'm not giving up yet!