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Sometimes (probably rarely, and only in large codebases), in a specific ns, a specific macro will not get recognised as such, so I lose syntax highlighting and indentation rules for that specific macro That very same macro, in all other ns'es will get recognised properly. Does this sound familiar? Currently or in the past few years? (I use a version-frozen CIDER from circa 2017 so this may have been fixed)


Haven’t seen this, but you should probably upgrade at some point. I think today CIDER is much better than 2017. 🙂


Thanks, I appreciate knowing that this is bit of an odd issue to have. Definitely want to upgrade, it just doesn't happen to be trivial with all my forked stuff 🌀


Hi, I have a fulcro project. At the moment I jack-in-clj&cljs via shadow-cljs. It works on the whole but I have conflikting jvm opts for the backend and the UI. I now have different aliases in deps.edn. I want to have cljs and clj to have two separate jvms with two separate nrepl connections to allow for the backend and UI to be independent of each other (and run with separate jvm-opts). When I jack in to one of them and then try to jack-in to the other I get a message that there is already a connection and whether I want to connct a sibling instead, which is what I do not want since it would get me conflicting jvm-opts. Is there a way to do this or should I switch to starting the jvms by hand and then cider-connect?


i think sibling is different than what you are reading into it.


jack in clj and then jack in cljs and have them be siblings. should work fine


@dpsutton Thanks! I think you are right. I was so damned sure what it does from "experience" from a year ago.


awesome! i haven't really delved into sesman and sessions and what exactly sibling means. but i agree with you that its a word that brings a lot of connotations


made me nervous the first few times i used it too


You won't believe how much misconfiguration of my dev environment I did to work around this misconception of mine.