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I'm stuck at tools.deps version 0.8.599 When I press the Refresh button, nothing seems to change. I would like to use 0.8.709 which is the one the latest clojure cli tool uses


Also, when I instead try to use CLI tools directly, I get this error

The following errors were found during project resolve:
			Coordinate type :mvn not loaded for library org.clojure/clojure in coordinate {:mvn/version "1.10.1"}

Alex Miller (Clojure team)13:07:56

the coordinate types are ordinarily automatically loaded by requiring so not sure what Cursive is doing where that's not happening


It still happens if I make a new deps project from within cursive


Also still happens after removing ~/.clojure and reinstalling clojure cli tools


Maybe uninstall/reinstall the Cursive plugin?


i’m not 100% sure but i had similar, weird problems because of this issue:


Thank you for the hints! I did have several versions in that directory but the problem persists after removing all but the latest. But I also just found out that Cursive is no longer available for my version of IntelliJ, so I might just need to upgrade

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After upgrading to IntelliJ CU 2020.1.4 and Cursive 1.9.2 the refresh button works and I can use tools.deps v 0.8.709. But I still get the same maven resolution error when choosing the "Use CLI Tools" option


To recap on the error: • I open IntelliJ CU 2020.1.4 with Cursive 1.9.2 • I select "Use CLI Tools" in the Clojure Deps settings panel, which detects version • I create a new Clojure Deps project in Cursive with File > New > Project • I get this error in the console

16:31	Errors during project resolution
				The following errors were found during project resolve:
				Coordinate type :mvn not loaded for library org.clojure/clojure in coordinate {:mvn/version "1.10.1"}
• The same project works if I start it with clj from the command line. clj -Stree also works.


Hi @maxt, that is very strange. That error used to appear a long time ago, but no-one has reported it for ages. It looks like you’re on Linux, correct? Could you reproduce the problem and then send me a copy of your log file, in case there’s anything to see there? Probably best to email it to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>.


BTW you can find the log using Help | Show log in &lt;whatever&gt;


@maxt see my answer in #datomic


Hey all, I am trying to get a new dev onboarded with cursive on windows in a tools.deps project. When we try to get a REPL to run the dialog says "No modules containing clojure.main" found. Any suggestions? He used the dialog to download tools deps in the settings menu.


Hmm, this is a deps.edn project and so we tried invalidating caches and restarting and no dice. We're also seeing a "could not create shim" error. Does that sound familiar?


is the “Project” drop-down list empty on your Run Configuration window as well? if that’s the case then it might be an indication that there’s a problem with project/module resolution. you may want to check that your deps.edn doesn’t have any error and the project resolves successfully when you reimport it.


I'll have him check that.


@U0JUR9FPH The “could not create shim” error is the problem, I think. Could you reproduce the problem and send a copy of his log file to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>? Help | Show log in Finder/Explorer…


I’ll ask him to do it.


Email sent. Thanks!