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I was told a while ago to commit .idea/clojure-deps.xml to version control. I think it had something to do with branch switching not remembering your projects. While commiting it does solve that problem, it brings up a bunch of other issues. I don't have a repro but our team continually gets projects added or removed from the list without explicitly doing so. Also, adding a project outside of the git root will cause issues for everyone else that doesn't have that directory available. Is committing .idea/clojure-deps.xml still the right approach to get projects kept when switching git branches?


i usually don't have issues with that specific file, although the list in the <option name="projectFiles"> section might get reordered arbitrarily. however, the upcoming intellij version would like to convert the configuration directory, so i can imagine that would confuse earlier versions, so im not yet switching to the next EAP, though it's in RC stage now.