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I guess it's really time to take those Luminus episodes offline. They are of much lower quality than all the rest, and it seems now they are also getting severely outdated...


(def app
    ["/:slug" {:get {:handler (fn [{{slug :slug} :path-params}]
                                {:status 200
                                 :body slug})}}]

(app {:request-method :get
      :uri "/foo-bar"})


Thank you, dont take them offline pls, maybe they need just and update :)


I've been wanting to pull them off for a long time, often people will start there because they're the first episodes, but they're just really bad... Also given that Luminus seems to change so drastically does not give me much desire to make content for it. Most of the videos are still fully relevant a few years later because Clojure libs tend to be stable like that. Might be better to just have episodes about the libraries that Luminus uses.


but your problem is probably that reitit complains that your routes conflict, you might want to use a different url structure like /post/:slug