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I just tried that, but it just takes me to the online help for the IntelliJ Editor, it doesn’t bring up the downloaded clojuredocs at all.


How does Cursive set the Clojure version for a REPL?


what might i be doing wrong here? i'm firing up a repl with src and test dirs in my dep.edn's :paths key. one of my test namespaces has a dependency on one of my src namespaces, but cursive says it can't find the src namespace:

; src/cljc/schema/spec.cljc
(ns schema.spec
  (:require [clojure.spec-alpha2 :as s]))
; test/schema/format.clj
(ns schema.format
  (:require [clojure.test :as t :refer [deftest is testing]]
            [schema.spec :as ss]
            [clojure.spec-alpha2 :as s]))
; attempting to load schema.format:
Loading test/schema/format.clj... 
Syntax error (FileNotFoundException) compiling at (format.clj:1:1).
Could not locate schema/spec__init.class, schema/spec.clj or schema/spec.cljc on classpath.


based on what you have, seems like src/cljc should be in paths


ah, of course. thanks alex.


basically whatever directory is containing the root of the namespaces


to use spec-alpha2, you will also need a git dep on clojure.spec-alpha2 repo


Is there a cheatsheet somewhere about which version of Cursive are compatible with which versions of IntelliJ. I'm thinking of upgrading to 2019.1.1 and don't know if that will break Cursive.


@hlship You’re fine to upgrade, basically any given version of Cursive supports the previous two years’ versions of IntelliJ, so currently it’s back to 2017.1. There is a problem with the indexing which I suspect is a 2019.1 bug in IntelliJ (discussed above) and an annoying issue with brace matching, so if you don’t have a compelling reason to upgrade you may wish to wait.


@joshkh What Alex said, seems like src/cljc should be in your path, not src.


@kenny It doesn’t really, it’s just taken from the classpath, so whichever version of Clojure your module has as a dependency.


@manutter51 It’s just shown in the standard doc popup, so whatever you have View | Quick Documentation bound to.